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Scrolling through WeedMaps delivery Halifax to find a quality cannabis delivery service for CBD Halifax? WDH dispensary brings you a sublime selection of top-notch cannabis products with affordable pricing and fast delivery services without charging additional delivery fee for Cannabis Halifax, Canada.


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Dartmouth Weed Delivery - Weed Delivery Halifax
Dartmouth Weed Dispensary NS - Weed Delivery Halifax

Where to get Weed in Halifax

You can find edibles, concentrates, and weed pens for sale in a local store licensed to sell cannabis.

To order quality cannabis edibles & flowers in eastern passage, Cole Harbour or Hammonds Plains, order from WDH weed delivery service!

It’s Simple :-

  • Choose your favorite cannabis products & edibles from our site menu & add to cart.
  • Check out and get your flower delivered to your address within moments.
  • Our delivery drivers do not charge any delivery fee for your orders. 


Is weed legal in Halifax Area?

Cannabis has been legalized by the Canadian Government for recreational purposes on October 17, 2018.

However, orders for edibles, concentrates, and other THC products delivery on an online website app or dispensary are only allowed for adults above 19 years of age. Our website has age verification upon entry and only 19+ human can have access/ sign up on the site

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CBD Halifax

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a cannabis-derived substance.

It’s the main cannabinoid for cure and well-being.

CBD products are not intoxicating like THC, making it safe to ingest consistently with no risk of negative effects at home.

Dartmouth Cannabis - Weed Delivery Halifax

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Looking for WeedMaps Delivery Halifax Area?

No delivery fee needed at WDH Cannabis Delivery Service

Our minimum order for sale is $35. No delivery fee is automatically added when you add to cart for order delivery. Any order below the minimum order requirement cannot be accepted.

Delivery is free with a 10% discount on your first Cannabis delivery as soon as you sign up for our newsletter.

We’ll also hook you up with a free gram as soon as you go for your first weed delivery from our store.

The Accepted method of payment is cash only! Please make sure you have enough cash during Cannabis Sale & Delivery. Try to bring a valid ID as well.


Cannabis Halifax Dispensary

WDH delivery drivers got you covered!

WDH is the way to go if you want a smooth cannabis experience with good pricing & free delivery!

Visit our website today, check out our exquisite collection of marijuana products, pick your favorite flower, add to cart, and check-out! Yes – it’s that simple, take it easy and purchase without worrying

For fast weed delivery, call our store at 902-706-5087. Our website is only accessible for 19+ users. We deliver in a discreet way to make ensure safety!

Get your cannabis orders delivered from our dispensary while you’re enjoying your favorite show on Netflix!

Dartmouth Dispensary NS - Weed Delivery Dartmouth - Weed Delivery Halifax
Dartmouth Dispensary NS - Weed Delivery Halifax

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