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Some strains become iconic for their effectiveness, some for their rarity, and yet others for their history, so it’s important to choose wisely. As for UBC Chemo, it’s a mix of all three. Many consider UBC Chemo to be 100% Indica since it provides a strong Indica stone that leaves users unable to crawl to the refrigerator.

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Known as UBC Chemo, this marijuana strain is considered to be one of the most potent Indica strains available today. It has a powerful sedative effect and offers a cerebral boost. It can help people get a good night’s sleep when they are anxious or stressed, and it is also used as a natural pain reliever. It also helps a person cope with side effects from chemotherapy.

Chemo is an Indica-dominant marijuana strain with high THC levels. It has a reputation for being one of the most effective medical marijuana strains available, and it is also popular among chemotherapy patients. It is known to have a strong sedative effect and can help people get a good night’s rest when they are anxious or stressed, and it also helps a person cope with side effects of chemotherapy.

Chemo is also known as UBC Chemo, but the name has been confused. It is believed that Chemo was developed by a doctor at the University of British Columbia. Chemo is a heavy indica strain that is popular among chemotherapy patients because it helps ease the symptoms of chemotherapy. It has a high THC level, and a low CBD content, which can cause minimal health benefits.

UBC Chemo is a potent, strong Indica that offers an earthy taste and intense physical effects. It is highly sedative and can make you feel very light headed. It also can cause munchies, couch lock, and paranoia.

Chemo is a very rare strain and is hard to find. It is also one of the most popular marijuana strains in Canada, and is often referred to as UBC Chemo. The name is derived from the University of British Columbia, where chemotherapy was first developed.

Chemo plants are known to be extremely resistant to pests and molds, and they are also capable of surviving in cool to warm climates. Despite their toughness, Chemo requires expert growers to grow properly. It does not do well in a hot climate, and you should keep it indoors if you live in a hot climate.

UBC Chemo has a THC content of up to 29 percent, and it can be harvested in 11 weeks. It is a strong, powerful strain that is best grown indoors, but it can also grow outdoors in cooler climates. It has a rich earthy taste and produces a high yield. It is best suited for evenings.

UBC Chemo is considered to be a clone only strain, so there is only a small amount of it available on the market. Despite its rarity, it is considered to be one of the most powerful Indica strains on the market, and it can provide people with a high level of relief physically and mentally. This makes it a great option for medical cannabis users who are looking to get some relief from stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Chemo also produces a strong sedative effect and can make people feel very light headed. It also can cause a loss of appetite, and paranoia. It can also lead to a couch lock, and can cause heaviness behind the eyes.

Despite the fact that both Federation Seeds and BC Bud Depot have crossed the strain to create their own seed variants, this strain is extremely rare. Apparently, Dr. David Suzuki at the University of British Columbia in the late 1960s and early 1970s was the person responsible for its development. This strain is very helpful and is also quite desired in Weed Halifax. We have a 24 hour halifax weed delivery service available.

It’s believed that UBC Chemo clone-only strains have a bonsai-like appearance since the leaves are typically overly big and broad. It is simple to grow inside and outdoors, but the unusual form of the plant prevents it from being used in methods such as Sea of Green. With a blooming time of eleven weeks, UBC Chemo produces big yields with a THC content of up to 29 percent.


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