99 Oz Halifax - Grab the best deal in town for 99 oz Weed Delivery Halifax

Searching “99 dollar ounces near me” on Google to find the best deal for 99 Oz in Halifax NS? Don’t stress it, Weed Delivery Halifax hooks you up with the finest 99 dollar Oz Halifax area has to offer. We do not charge any delivery fee for our weed delivery services in Halifax Nova Scotia and surrounding areas. Receive your orders for cannabis products, edibles & concentrates right at your door with our lightning-fast delivery service!

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How much is an ounce of weed from a dispensary?

Our starting prices:-Strains for $5.00 & 99.00$ for ounces

At Weed Delivery Halifax WDH, we crafted 3 beautiful cannabis ounces to match your needs. Each one of them is filled with several special strains that are hand-selected to give you a therapeutic cannabis experience.

Currently, the starting prices for strains and ounces are $5.00 & 99.00$ respectively. Our 99 Oz in Halifax, also known as the bronze ounce deal, features 5 special strains namely:-

  • Zombie
  • Stinky Pink
  • Sticky Bubba
  • Pink Star
  • Kushberry

Besides the bronze ounce deal, we also offer a silver ounce deal priced at $150 and a golden ounce deal priced at $200.

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Googling “99 dollar ounces near me“?

We’ll get you the finest deal in Halifax Nova Scotia

If you’re still searching “99 dollar ounces near me” to find a suitable mail order marijuana deal in Hammonds Plains or Halifax you might not be aware of the best 99 Oz in Halifax!

Weed Delivery Halifax is currently featuring one of the finest selections of cannabis products available in Halifax area. From AAAA flower to edibles and concentrates, we got it all! Our starting prices for strains and ounces are $5.00 & 99.00$ respectively.

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Our delivery process is very convenient:- As soon as you add your orders to cart and checkout, we’ll get back to you with an order-confirmation email/message.

When the delivery drivers are on the way to your location, they’ll shoot you a text. WDH delivery hours are from 10 a.m. – 10. p.m and even later as well! We Practically do 24/7 Weed Delivery Halifax service

Why blaze up with our 99 Oz in Halifax NS

Connecting with the finest growers, we present to you a special $99 Oz deal, that not only contains the dankest product but reaches your doorstep faster than any other delivery service in Halifax Nova Scotia!

All our cannabis products including edibles, oils, and tinctures are lab-tested, freshly packed, and sealed before sale.

Shopping at our online dispensary is simple. Visit our website, pick your favorite cannabis products, add to cart and check out with login username & email information.

Our delivery service will evade all your nosy neighbors keeping it discreet and reliable.

99 oz halifax weed - Weed Delivery Halifax - WDH

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99 dollar Oz Halifax

WDH weed delivery services – As special as it gets!

You deserve a sublime cannabis experience and Weed Delivery Halifax WDH strives to make it special!

Visit our website, choose cannabis products & edibles that match your taste, add to cart, and checkout. We’ll take care of the rest!

Minimum order quantity is 35$ and delivery is only possible if you have cash, and valid ID!

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Call us for further inquiries regarding – product usage, delivery process & product selection.

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